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Core Services

Backed by decades of experience and success

Each of our core services are custom-tailored and monitored through every stage of the project - a formula designed to yield outcomes that surpass anticipation.

Market analysis

Market Analysis

As local experts, the team at Madison Marketing Group knows the communities and neighbourhoods in the Greater Vancouver area inside and out. This unrivalled first-hand experience combined with in-depth market analysis and thorough forecasting help us to identify and understand target demographics so your project captures the every need of buyers and more.


Planning & Design

From assisting with the development application process to overall building and design elements, our experts will provide valuable insight using unmatched market knowledge and the latest design trends. Our experts will work with the members of the developer’s design team on elements both large and small, from unit mix and floorplans, to individual finishes and amenities, refining the project as needed.

Market analysis

Market Plan Design

Our fully-customized marketing program creates a powerful identity that captures the essence of the location and key selling features, while still being true to the developer’s own brand and vision. Project branding will be further developed into high designs and communications, leveraging our relationships with some of the industry's best creative design and marketing firms. The programs will also include crucial details like identifying target markets, potential completion analysis, as well as timing and budgets.

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Media Advertising

Generating brand awareness and maximizing visibility are imperative elements when introducing your product to the market. At Madison Marketing Group, we use marketing collaterals across a variety of cutting-edge platforms and our expansive network of media connections to generate leads for the sales team and overall traffic.

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Pre Sales

Backed by an experienced and qualified team of sales professionals, the next step would be to work with developers to establish, execute and monitor all aspects of sales for your project, adjusting the strategy along the way based on effectiveness, inventory levels and CRM tools. Madison will provide the insight needed to properly price out homes based on market conditions and a strategic pricing analysis. We also have a wealth of resources at our disposal to increase market reach, including to overseas markets.


Commercial & Leasing Support

In today's market, we understand that your development is much more than about providing a home, but rather building a community. At Madison Marketing Group, our services include recommendations on how to best leverage commercial spaces for reliable results and maximum rental values, while preserving neighbourhood values and quality of life for residents.

Market analysis


From initial contact to the first deposit, all the way to final possession and home orientation, our team of qualified professionals will be responsible for the entire administration and contract management with home buyers, providing informative yet welcoming communication at every step. During the final stages of sales, we will also liaise between the developer and buyer for a properly executed and smooth closing experience.


After Sales

Building a strong relationship with clients is one of the most critical elements in any effective marketing strategy. As the developer’s representative, we focus on creating genuine relationships with clients built on values of integrity and professionalism. This customer-driven approach extends well after the purchase is finalized with after sales services and follow-up initiatives, ensuring that client care and retention are not only achieved but also maintained.